Meet Lesli Vernon and Krystyl Koehler of The Healthy Chic’s™

Lesli is the wife of a retired firefighter and mother to two beautiful children. Her husband, Lee, started First Responder Fuel to provide medical-grade, THC-free hemp-infused products to first responders and the general public. Lesli’s goal is to offer an all-natural line of women’s products that will have a life-changing positive impact on emotional/physical health and wellness.

Krystyl is the daughter of a 28 year (retired) law enforcement officer and sister of active duty military, so she understands firsthand the benefits of medical-grade hemp and the natural relief it can bring. Krystyl is also a founder and board member of the Brotherhood of Heroes Foundation, a non-profit 501c3 charity for first responders and their families.

The Healthy Chic’s™ was formed when Lesli and Krystyl decided to create an all-natural line of women’s products to support not only significant others of first responders but also anyone looking for a natural healthy way to look and feel better. Together, we have traveled across the United States to find the highest quality medical-grade hemp production and extraction processes to bring superior quality products that truly make a difference.

What makes us different?
Products that are TESTED & PROVEN to protect you.

The Healthy Chic’s™ 3rd party tests every batch of oil used to produce our products to ensure you get the best medical-grade hemp-infused products that are THC Free. The Healthy Chic’s™ does another 3rd party independent THC-specific drug testing to build trust and ensure peace of mind regarding job security and confidence in our products.


“The Serum makes my skin feel hydrated and silky smooth. It smells fantastic and keeps my skin glowing!”

“I love the face wash as it leaves my skin feeling clean and soft, and a little bit goes a long way!”

”I put it on once in the morning and it lasts all day. A little really does go a long way. And the smell/taste is perfect! Not overbearing but enough to know it’s there. I’ve never had a chapstick so awesome.“